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I bought garden mums last fall and they bloomed beautifully in October but this year they're blooming in July. How can I get them to bloom in the fall again?

Pinching your mums starting in May for every 2 weeks until July 4th will delay the flowering until fall. An added benefit is a more compact plant with many more blooms.

Help, my trees are covered with bagworms! What can I do?

Unfortunately, the best was to get rid of bagworms is to handpick and destroy them. An over-wintering female bagworm can produce as many as 1000 babies which appear in early June. At this stage they are more vulnerable to insecticides and spraying can be done.

Something is eating the leaves on my weeping cherry trees. What kind of spray can I use?

We recommend using an all-purpose insecticide called 'Seven'. It is very effective against chewing insects and is safe for the environment when used properly.

My holly bushes are getting too tall. When can I prune them?

Care should be taken when pruning hollies. Pruning too much too late will remove all the flower buds for next year and therefore the berries. Flower buds are formed by late-June on the current season's growth.

We purchased a pink flowering almond bush. It had flowers on it when we purchased it and is now just green. When should we prune it and how much?

Flowering almond only blooms in the spring on the previous year's wood. Cut back hard immediately after blooming to maintain peak flowering performance.

How do I get 'Endless Summer' , 'All Summer Beauty', and 'Light O Day' Hydrangeas to change bloom color from pink to blue?

Soil pH affects the flower color (blue in highly acidic soils and lilac to pink in slightly acidic to alkaline soils). Add aluminum sulfate to the soil to make the flowers blue or add lime to the soil to make the flowers pinker. Begin soil treatments well in advance of flowering, as in late autumn or early spring.






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